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Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria
Terms of Service

Last updated: June 5th, 2023

Please read carefully and understand these Terms of Services. 

By installing, accessing or using our mobile apps, website, third party partner systems, email newsletters and subscriptions, or other digital properties on which these terms are posted or referenced, you, hereby, agree with Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria (“We/we”, “Us/us”, “Our/our”) Terms of Service.


Please also review the Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria Privacy Policy, which describes how your information is collected, used and shared. By accepting these terms, you also understand and agree these terms will govern any disputes arising out of or related to Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria Privacy Statement.


If you do not agree to these terms, then you may not place an order on any of our online ordering systems and must immediately stop using our Online Services. You may request that your account and any related information be deleted by contacting us and submitting an Account Removal Request.


Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria and its affiliated locations (individually “Restaurant” collectively “Restaurants”) are pleased to offer our customers a user-friendly online ordering experience through the company’s website (“our website”), as well as through third-party platforms and associated mobile apps, which may include Wix, ChowNow, Grub Hub, Slice and others (“Online Services”, “Online Ordering Systems”, “Service Providers”).


Our Online Services were designed to facilitate Joe and Sal’s customers’ online ordering experience and are, therefore, meant to be used by adult customers who intend to place an order at any of our Restaurants. Minors, under the supervision of an adult, are permitted to use our Online Services, except for the purchase of alcoholic products. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase alcoholic products through our Service Providers.


a. Notifications and Communications

Our Online Service Providers and/or their respective Payment Processing companies may notify you, via E-mail or SMS Text Messages, about order updates or to send you a copy of your receipt. Service Providers utilize email verification to protect and secure your account, as a result you understand and agree to receive emails and/or SMS Text Messages. 

b. Opting Out of Communications

You may be able to opt out of our Online Service Provider’s notifications and communication; Please refer to each Service Provider communication preferences in your respective profiles. You understand and agree that Joe and Sal’s does not manage or control communications by its third part Service Providers.

c. Text Messaging

When you opt in to any of our text message programs, you understand and consent that you will receive text messages from an automated system and that you are responsible for the costs of any messaging and data services that may apply. If you wish to withdraw your consent and unsubscribe, please text STOP to the appropriate short code. 

d. How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Online Services, you can Contact Us.


a. About Our Online Ordering System

The purpose of our Online Ordering System is to provide customers with a convenient way of submitting orders. You must register an online services account with respective Online Service Providers in order to use our Online Ordering System. You may need to enable location services on your device in order for ordering to function properly.

b. Payment Processing and Information

Our Online Service Providers utilize third party payment processing company (“Payment  Processors”) to securely process your payment information, while shopping online. Some Payment Processors may allow you to voluntarily register your payment method and related information for faster checkout purposes. You understand and agree that, when you register a payment method with any Payment Processor, you do so willingly, conscientious of the fact that you are sharing your payment information with those entities and that the information you share will be stored by those entities. Furthermore, you understand and agree that Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria does not store, transfer, update, delete, have access to, control or otherwise maintain any Customer’s personal financial information on its systems. Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria does not store, transfer, update, delete, have access to, control or otherwise maintain any information related to your preferred Method of Payment. All such information is securely transferred, processed and may be stored and maintained by respective third party Payment Processors or by third party Online Service Providers. You understand and agree that Payment Processors may verify that the payment information you provide is valid. You also understand and agree that Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria is not responsible for any unauthorized use, by third-parties, of the information related to your Payment Method to make purchases on any of our Online Service Providers.


c. Order Fulfilment

Joe And Sal's reserves the right to refuse to deliver alcoholic beverages to customers who fail to provide adequate proof of legal drinking age upon delivery, as required by NEW YORK State Law. The name on the order must match the name on your government issued ID and you must be al least 21 years of age or older to order alcoholic beverages. If you are not yet 21 years old, do not order alcoholic beverages.  

When you use any of our Online Ordering Systems, you are submitting your order directly to one of our Restaurant locations. You understand and agree that the responsibility to fulfil your order rests with the Restaurant location with which you placed the order; Which Restaurant location is, therefore, responsible for preparing the products. You understand and agree that no other Restaurant location is responsible for fulfilling your order and you may not pick up your order at any other Restaurant location except for the Restaurant location with which you placed your order. On occasion, depending on circumstances such as availability of products, work demand and other factors, and exclusively at the discretion of the management team on site at the time, a different Restaurant location may choose to, but is not obligated to, fulfil your order on behalf of the Restaurant location with which you submitted your order. 

d. Online Products

While our Online Services showcase our products they do not reflect the availability of such products; All products are subject to availability. Some restaurants do not sell all products. Images of products and packaging on the Online Services are examples only and may not be identical to the product or packaging you receive from any of our Restaurants. Contact your local Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria to inquire about availability of specific products.

e. Online Prices

While we strive to maintain a uniform pricing structure across all of our Restaurant locations, you understand and agree that each Restaurant location independently determines its own prices and independently applies any additional taxes and fees as required by law. Certain offers and pricing may not be available for all orders at all locations. In the event you discover an error in the price of a product charged to you, please contact the restaurant where you placed your order.

f. Order Cancellations and Refunds

You have the ability to abandon your order at any time until you submit the order for payment processing. However, even after your payment has been processed, you can cancel your order within the first 10 minutes of submitting your order (the “Grace Period”), however, to do so, you must contact the appropriate Restaurant location by phone and request the order to be cancelled and for a refund. If you wish to get a refund for any reason, including if the products are unsatisfactory, please contact the restaurant location to which you submitted your order. You understand and agree that, after the grace period, once the order has been prepared and is ready for delivery and/or pick-up, the Restaurant, at its sole discretion, may refuse to cancel the order and issue a refund. You understand and agree that if you fail to cancel your order within the Grace Period, and the Restaurant refuses to cancel your order on the basis that it is ready for consignment, even if you refuse consignment, you are not entitled to any refund and hereby waive your right to recover any amount by charge-back proceedings.


a. Promotional Deals

Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria, occasionally, may offer Promotional Deals (“Promotions”) through its third party Online Service Providers. You understand and agree that, in order to take advantage of any such Promotions, you may be required to register as a member of the third party Online Service Provider through which the Promotions are offered. Joe and Sal's Pizzeria at its sole discretion, may refuse to honor the Promotion if we determine that any of these terms has been violated: 

  • Deals are redeemable through respective Online Service Providers only;

  • Deals are subject to product availability;

  • Deals may not be redeemable at all Restaurant locations;

  • Deals expires upon redemption;

  • Deals can be redeemed on a per order basis / or per restaurant visit;

  • Deals are not transferable between Restaurants or Online Service Providers; 

  • Deals cannot be combined with other Discounts, Deals or Rewards;

  • Deals have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for a cash alternative;



b. Gift Cards

Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria is happy to offer Gift Cards to our valued customers; By buying, loading, or using Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria Gift Card you agree and accept these Gift Card terms.


i. Purchase of Gift Cards

Gift Cards may be purchased in store only at Restaurant locations where Gift Cards are sold, for a nominal fee. You understand and agree that not all restaurants offer Gift Cards. For Gift Card balance inquiries, you can contact us on our website or call the issuing Restaurant. At the time of purchase, you may choose to load a dollar value that may not exceed $500 onto your Gift Card. 

ii. Gift Card Costs, Fees and Card Balance Expiration

Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria does not charge any activation fee, service fee, dormancy or inactivity fees or any other fees in connection with the use or non-use of your Gift Card. At the time of purchase, you will be assessed a one-time nominal charge to cover for the cost of the physical gift card (eGift Cards do not carry a one-time nominal charge and are, therefore, free), plus taxes. Your Gift Card never expires but the dollar balance on your Gift Card has a validity period of 10 years from the date of purchase, after which date, the dollar value may expire.

iii.  Loading Value on Gift Cards

You can load value on your Gift Card by visiting The Issuing Restaurant. No more than $500 may be loaded on any one Gift Card. The total value loaded onto all Gift Cards may not exceed $1,000, per person. The minimum amount that you may load on any Gift Card is $15. If you wish to use a credit or debit card, or any other means of electronic payment method to load your Gift Card, you must present a valid state issued ID. You hereby, authorize Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria to charge your payment instrument of choice.

iv. Restrictions on Gift Cards

You may use your Gift Card to pay for in-store purchases at the issuing Restaurant only. You understand and agree that Gift Cards are not redeemable at any other Restaurant location, or on our website or at any of our Online Service Providers. Except as required by law, Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash.

v. Lost or Stolen Gift Card

You understand and agree that Gift Cards that are reported lost or stolen will not be replaced and the value loaded on the card will not be reimbursed. To report a lost or stolen Gift Card, please contact us or call the issuing Restaurant.

vi. Electronic Gift Cards

Joe and Sal’s Gift Cards can be issued in electronic format ("eGift Cards"). eGift Cards allow you to send a virtual gift card via email or sms text.


The same terms and limitations apply to eGift Cards as do to physical Gift Cards, including purchase, loading, dollar value limits, redeeming restrictions, etc, as detailed in this section


c. Rewards Program

Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria is happy to offer loyalty rewards (“The Rewards Program”) to Its valued customers. The terms herein cover only Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria Rewards Program. Rewards programs offered by third party Service Providers are governed by their respective TOS; Please refer to the third party Service Provider for more details on their respective rewards programs. You understand and agree that some Restaurant locations may not participate in The Rewards Program. Please contact the Restaurant to inquire.  

Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria reserves the right, at its' sole discretion, to cancel, change, modify or discontinue The Rewards Program, in whole or in part, including any terms, rules, features, benefits, rewards, conditions of participation, points accruing or accumulation/redemption ratio, the points redemption policy, the points expiration policy, or any other aspect of the program at any time, with or without advance notice, even though changes may affect points and rewards already in your account.

i. Eligibility and enrollment

Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria Rewards Program is available to any customer who registers and places orders directly on our website ( You understand and agree that in order to participate in Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria Loyalty Rewards Program you must register as a member on our website (; Rewards Programs are offered by participating Restaurants only. Please refer to Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria Rewards program for more information.

ii. How you earn points

You earn points just for registering on our website. Once registered on our website, you earn one point for every dollar spent on your Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria order. To accumulate reward points you must sign-in to your Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria account on our website ( before submitting your order. If you don’t properly login to your online account before you complete your qualifying purchase, you will not earn any points on that purchase. 

iii. Qualifying purchases

A “qualifying purchase” is a purchase submitted, through our website, to a participating restaurant location. Your order qualifies to earn points on actual dollars spent, rounded to the nearest dollar. For example, if you place an order with a subtotal of $36 and apply a discount code for 10%, which reduces the subtotal to $32.40, you will earn 32 points on that order. Taxes, fees, discounts and tips do not earn Rewards Points.

iv. Verifying your points balance

You can check your points balance on Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria Rewards Program page. You are responsible to ensure points from your qualifying purchases are correct. If you believe points from your qualifying purchase were incorrectly calculated, you must contact Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria. Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria has the sole discretion to determine points in your account and Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria has no liability for any delay or failure to correctly credit points to your account.

v. Redeeming your points for discounts

Points can be redeemed for immediate discounts, at checkout, on subsequent orders placed with participating Restaurants and submitted through our website only ( Visit Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria Rewards Program page to understand the points redemption ratio.

vi. Redemption restrictions

Reward Points are valid online only, at participating Restaurant locations. Reward points cannot be redeemed in person or over the phone; Points earned from one location cannot be redeemed at any another Restaurant location nor can they be redeemed at any other third party Online Ordering Systems. Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. You may redeem points up to an aggregate value of 15% of your order subtotal, before taxes, fees and tips. Rewards cannot be combined with other discounts; Participating Restaurants, at their sole discretion, may chose to honor your rewards points redemption found to be in violation of these Terms or may chose to void your order and issue you a full refund. Points redeemed in violation of any of these terms will be immediately invalidated. 

vii. Point expiration

Points expire on the first (1st) day of the the thirteenth (13th) month following the date points were earned. Points will be maintained in your online services account until you redeem your points or until they expire, whichever occurs first.  If a Restaurant, at its’ sole discretion, decides to terminate its’ Rewards Program, any unused points you may have accumulated will immediately expire. Upon termination of your online services account for any reason (including, but not limited to, whether you choose to close your account or Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria terminates your account for a violation of these Terms of Service, all points that you have accumulated will immediately expire. By opting out of The Rewards Program, any points you may have accumulated until that point in time will be immediately invalidated. 

viii. Points Invalidation

Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria has the discretion to invalidate points from your online services account, or to suspend or terminate your account (both now and in the future), if Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria believes you improperly obtained points, abused The Rewards Program or otherwise violated these Terms of Service. In that event, you forfeit any points you have accumulated (including properly obtained points) and you forfeit your right to earn points in the future. You understand and agree that Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria has the sole discretion to determine your compliance with these terms, Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria determination is final and you waive any right to recuperate any points.


a. Your license to use the online services

Subject to these terms, you are granted a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use Our Online Services solely for your own personal, non-commercial purposes and solely in accordance with These Terms of Service. For purposes of clarity, “Use” includes access, interact with, and display with the intent to place an order for yourself. No licenses or rights are granted, explicitly or implied,  except for the licenses and rights herein granted to you. Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria reserves all other rights.


a. General decorum

Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria “The Pizza Life” forum (“The Forum”, “Al Foro”) exists for the purpose of promoting and facilitating communications, discussion and ideas among our valued community of Pizza Enthusiast. Community members are encouraged to post questions, comments, ideas in a manner that reflects Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria core values of decency, respect for one-another and love of pizza. Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria has a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination, hate speech and all other forms of prejudice as well as any other commentary that can be interpreted to be prejudicial, discriminatory or otherwise non-conducive to a healthy and respectable online community experience. Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria reserves the right to terminate any membership account, cancel any orders and bar anyone, who deliberately violates these Terms of Service, from participating in The Forum, as well as revoke their ability to further access or use our Online Services.

b. Community submissions, comments and posts

Customers may submit questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, complaints or other information (together, “submissions”) through our website (; You understand that, to participate in the Community Forum you must first register with Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria on our website ( Furthermore, you understand that by submitting any information to the Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria Community Forum, you grant Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria license to use and reproduce, including to use them for any commercial or other purpose whatsoever without approval from or compensation to you or any other person. Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria will not be required to treat any submissions as confidential.

7.   Acceptable uses and restrictions for the online services

a. Acceptable uses and other restrictions

With respect to our Online Services (which includes content), you may not use the online services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms:

  1. Delete or change any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices;

  2. Attempt to obtain ownership or title to the online services, including the content;

  3. Use, copy, distribute, republish, display, disclose, upload, post, or transmit the online services for personal financial gain;

  4. Rent, lease, sell, sub-license, loan, translate, merge, adapt, assign or transfer the online services, or combine them with, or incorporate them into, any other programs or services.

  5. Disassemble, decompile, reverse-engineer, copy in source or object code format, or create derivative works based on the online services.

  6. Use or launch any unauthorized technology or automated system to access the online services or extract content from the online services, including but not limited to spiders, robots, screen scrapers, or offline readers;

  7. Attempt to disable, damage, overburden, impair or gain unauthorized access to the online services, Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria network or any user accounts associated with the online services.

b. Mobile devices and related costs.

Online Services are hosted and managed by third party Service Providers. Our Online Services are not guaranteed to function at any given time, or on any particular device. You are responsible for any messaging and data rates, charges, fees and taxes for your use of our Online Ordering Services, including when we communicate with you by text, email or other means.

c. You are responsible for your accounts

If you register as a member on any of our Service Provider’s platforms, you are responsible for the security of the account and for all activity under the account. You can only register one online service account per Service Provider and must keep your account information accurate at all times. Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria, in its sole discretion, may terminate, modify, delete or block you from accessing your account. Your account will be removed if you violate our terms and conditions, if your account is inactive in excess of 12 months or if your account is believed to be involved, either directly or indirectly, in fraudulent practices, including, but not limited to, fraudulent credit card payments. 

d. Updates to these terms

Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria, at its sole discretion, may decide to change any of these terms at any time without prior notice to you. Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria makes no warrantees that you will be notified of any changes to the terms, however, you can always access, review and print the terms from our website. If you do not agree to the changed terms, then you must immediately stop using the online services and request that Joe and Sal’s Pizzeria close any and all online accounts that you have created. To close your account, you must Contact Us and submit a request to ‘delete your account’.

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